Why Hot Bandits?

"HOT BANDITS" by DeFleece Designs are Fleece lined bandannas that are Waterproof on the outside, windproof with an advanced ventilator system that reduces fogging and reflects your breathe and body heat back to keep the fleece from freezing even when the temperature drops 30 degrees below 0 and  are attached with a large hook & Loop strip in the rear. They have a flexible nose piece that conforms to your nose to both keep the bandanna from sliding off and it also reduces the amount of fogging caused by vapor in your breath rising up between your nose and cheeks.

 They come in over 300 different styles & colors. Customers want to match their suit or personalities so, that is why I have so many styles and color combos. They are the warmest, most comfortable & easiest to use face masks on the mountain!  To serve the customer needs and desires along with all the style & color combos I have designed the MARK V model to be a " one size fits all " model.

 I wanted to design something that really, really works - that people who wear a "Hot Bandits" will spread the word because it works and looks stylish. I do not sew them around the edge with a half inch zig zag stitch or boarder ribbon because it makes the competitors bandanas look like hot pads for cooking pots!!! We wanted the the "HOT BANDITS" to really truly look like our customers were wearing a bandanna not a hot pad!! The "HOT BANDITS look fluffy or flowing and comfortable when worn , not stiff and uncomfortable, like the competitors. Style and changing styles are always important !!!!

 Remember - People can wear a neck gator or face mask but, they chose to wear a bandanna to match their outfit, personality or they are making a statement about themselves. So, remember Hot Bandits are the Best Neck Gaiters / Face Mask on the Mountain or the Planet !!!

                                "DON'T BE STUPID - SAVE FACE "                      

                                                                                                                 TECHNICALLY SUPERIOR   &   STYLISHLY ADVANCED