Frequently Asked Questions

Will HotBandits fog my eyewear?

They significantly reduce fogging because of a Ventilator windproofing layer in between the fleece and bandanna that reduces the amount of vapor exiting the front of the bandanna and the flexible nosepiece that conforms to the nose and stops the vapor from leaking out the space between the nose and the cheek.

Do they slide off my nose?

HotBandits have a flexible nosepiece that form-fits your face and keeps the bandanna snug but, is still loose enough to be quickly pulled down when needed.

Are they washable?

Yes, the waterproofing and designs should last up to twenty washes. See washing instructions on the label.

Are there different sizes?

No, We have redigned the new MARK V versions to be one size fits all !

How long will it take to get my order? How much is shipping?

Two weeks, free shipping for orders over six bandannas.

My bandanna freezes up, does yours?

The wind proofing reflects most of your breathe and body heat to keep the "Hot Bandits" bandanna Fleece frost free!!! "SAVE FACE" with the "Hot Bandits" Frost Free Fleece Bandanna.

Do you tie them like a regular bandanna?

NO! We have installed enough Hook & Loop attachment for about 7 - 8 inches of adjustment for sizing it tight or loose.

To keep the bandanna from sliding down my nose, do I have to attach the Hot Bandits so tight that it hurts my nose?

NO, The adjustable/ moldable nosepiece molds to your own nose shape and keeps the "HOT BANDITS" over your nose without being tight. Yet, it can still be pulled down without hurting your nose !!!

My other fleece lined bandanna fogs my goggles, does yours?

The "HOT BANDITS" were designed with a moldable nosepiece to fill the gap between the nose and the cheek to help reduce fogging and the " Ventilator System " in the wind proof layer reduces the amount of vapor that is released out of the "HOT BANDITS" from your breathe and into your goggles/glasses! Nothing can eliminate all fogging but, We believe the "HOT BANDITS" Technology has reduced fogging more than any other face mask/Gator has!

How can your bandanna be the warmest face mask on the planet?

The "HOT BANDITS" wind proofing layer blocks wind and reflects radiant energy (body heat) and your own breathe back into the fleece component and keeps the fleece frost free and your face, neck and chest warm and comfortable!!